“It takes a village…”  OUR NEWSLETTER has many team players

Our NCPSG Newsletter requires many hands to take it from a brilliant spark in the imagination of our editorial team to its final destination, the bottom of your parakeet’s cage.
Maintains database of membership, identifies those wishing to receive Newsletter electronically, and those wishing US Mail delivery.  Prints address labels, places on envelops, sends out electronic editions.
EDITOR – Paul Dawson and others
Researches topics, writes articles, takes pictures, determines layout, builds Newsletter, submits to Board monthly for proofing, sends electronically to Neurology Center.
REPORTER – Sam Cooper    
Interviews FOCUS persons of interest, writes interview article, takes pictures.
CHURCHILL GRAPHICS – Peter Bierle, Art Bierle
Supplies professional quality paper for Newsletter.
NEUROLOGY CENTER – Prints Newsletter, pays for postage, stamps envelops.
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OCEANSIDE – Folds Newsletters for mailing and distribution.
Assembles team to stuff 250 envelops with Newsletters, takes copies to post office; passes 250 to team leader who distributes to individuals (Paige, Wayne, Chris, Irene, Art & more) who hand-carry to Senior Centers, Libraries, Neurologist Offices, Physical Therapists, Exercise sites.
PUBLISHER – Paul Dawson    
We don’t really know what he does, but we believe that he thinks he oversees it all.
READERS – You! 250 circulated electronically; 500 copies printed: 250 mailed, 250 distributed to north county sites and Support Group meetings – Wow!  750 potential readers!
We need your help!  Our goal is to have back-ups for every position – ready to step in at a moment’s notice.  You know how quickly things can change with Parkinson’s.  We need folks to help with hand-carrying Newsletters to sites across North County, replenishing monthly editions and requesting permission at new sites, like senior centers, libraries, physical therapy offices, neurologists.  
                          Could you distribute the Newsletter in your community?